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The Ultimate BSC Challenge

I thought of this earlier. I cannot wait to try it myself. If you like a twist on legacy challenges, you must try this!

The Baby-Sitters Club Challenge

Goal: To end up with a BSC with all ten members, with physical description, family situations and family names matching those given in the books.
EPs required: None, although it can add to the fun.
Hacks required: The InSiminator is strongly suggested.
- Physical descriptions are deemed to match those of the books only if they are genetically correct. There can be no modifications through hair coloration, or contact lenses.
- Offspring must be genetically related to their parents, unless specified in the books.
- No cheats are allowed, except when specified (see LTW)
- Family situations do not correspond to a moment in time. This means that you cannot kill or send away Sims to keep younger siblings who match. Once a Sim is born, he is part of the family, end of story.
- Once you make a match, it remains frozen, and you can no longer play with the family.
- Your Sims may only marry townies, downtownies, college students or Sims from previous generations who didn’t match. They cannot marry frozen families, except in the case of the Schafers and Spiers.
- No reload without saving, except in the case of a crash and/or bug (i.e., stuck sim).
- You may use any rewards that will help you with your quest along the way.
- You may adopt Sims IF you already know a generation is doomed.
- You may not use hacks that allow you to determine the sex of a baby, except when specified (see LTW).
- You may count twins as being of different ages, and decide which comes first.
- In Abby’s case, she must be born a twin with Anna.
- You cannot change a family’s surname if you come up with a suitable combination for another family. In other words, if a combination is issue by the Thomas family, then it must follow the combination for this family only. (You may, however, give your family the right names once it is frozen. This is suggested, as it will prevent you from ending up with a plethora of Mallorys, for instance.)
- The surname can be transmitted from either partner, UNLESS, in a terrible coincidence, your sim marries a townie whose name corresponds to a surname found in the books. In that case, the townie’s name is invalid.
- You can, however, multiply your attempts at forming the right combination by playing multiple descendants from one founder. For instance, if your Pike combination failed at the fourth child, then you can play these four children to get the right combination.
- If two failed combinations from different families marry each other, than the only valid surname is the one gained by the spouse. For example: a Ramsey and a Bruno marry each other, on Ramsey’s lot. The family becomes a Ramsey family, and you cannot attempt to get the Bruno combination.
- Killing sims is allowed.
- You may decide on the personality points and aspiration of each of your founders, and the aspiration for the descendants.
- You must play the Chance cards.

How it works

It basically works as any legacy challenge. Create or rename a neighborhood and call it Stoneybrook. Start with a founder for each of the families. Each founder must find a spouse and try to make the right combination with the right name. Thus, for instance, the founder for the Spier family must find a spouse, and hope that the first baby is a little girl. The Spier mother must die afterwards. The Spier baby must have brown eyes and brown hair.

Once you achieve the right combination, the family becomes frozen. Frozen means that you should make everything possible to ensure that your family doesn’t change. However, you may continue playing to earn bonus points. You may move on to a different family. Once you have the 10 BSC members and their family, your Stoneybrook is complete, and you’ve finished the challenge.

The combinations

The Thomases

Mother: Elizabeth Thomas
Charlie Thomas (male)
Sam Thomas (male)
Kristy Thomas (female)
David Michael Thomas (male)

BONUS: Elizabeth is married to Watson Brewer. Watson has two children: Karen (female) and Andrew (male). Elizabeth and Watson have adopted Emily Michelle (female) after they were married. In order for the bonus to be valid, Watson must not be the biological father of the Thomas children.
NOTE: Patrick Thomas, the biological father, has divorced Elizabeth and lives far away.

Kristy must have brown hair and eyes, and white skin.

The Spiers

Father: Richard Spier
Mother: Alma Spier (deceased)
Mary Ann Spier (female)
BONUS: Richard is married to Sharon Schafer (see Schafers.)
Mary Anne must have brown hair and eyes, and white skin.

The Kishis

Father: John Kishi
Mother: Rioko Kishi
Janine Kishi (female)
Claudia Kishi (female)

MIMI BONUS: Grandmother Mimi is alive.
KISHI BONUS: The entire family looks Asian.
Claudia must have black eyes and hair, and look Asian.

The McGills

Father: Edward McGill
Mother: Maureen McGill
Stacey McGill (female)

BONUS: Stacey is either an alien, a vampire, a plantsim, a werewolf or a zombie, and she still has the right hair color.
Stacey must have blue eyes, blonde hair and white skin.

The Schafers

Father: Jack Schafer
Mother: Sharon Schafer
Dawn Schafer (female)
Jeff Schafer (male)

Dawn must have blue eyes, blonde hair and white skin.
NOTE: The parents are divorced and Jack lives in California.

The Stevensons

Father: Jonathan Stevenson (deceased)
Mother: Rachel Stevenson
Abby Stevenson (female), Anna Stevenson (female)

ABBY must have brown hair and brown eyes. Abby and Anna must be twins.

The Pikes
Father: John Pike
Mother: Dee Pike
Mallory Pike (female)
Byron OR Jordan OR Adam Pike (male)
Vanessa Pike (female)
Nicky Pike (male)
Margo Pike (female)
Claire Pike (female)

BONUS: You are allowed to use the cheat to have triplets. They do not have to be twins. This means that you will have 10 sims on your lot. Otherwise, you can stick to one triplet, as long as your second child is male.
Mallory must have red hair and blue eyes, and white skin.

The Ramseys

Father: John Ramsey
Mother: ? Ramsey
Jessi Ramsey (female)
Becca Ramsey (female)
Squirt (male)

BONUS: Aunt Cecelia lives with the family
Jessi must have black eyes and hair, and black skin

The Kilbournes

Father: Ted Kilbourne
Mother: Katy Kilbourne
Shannon Kilbourne (female)
Tiffany Kilbourne (female)
Maria Kilbourne (female)

Shannon must have blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin.

The Brunos

Father: Lyman Bruno
Mother: Louise Bruno
Logan Bruno (male)
Kerry Bruno (female)
Hunter Bruno (male)

Logan must have blue eyes, blonde hair and white skin.

Lifetime Wants

Once one of your Sims achieves a lifetime want (i.e., constant platinum mood), you may use the InSiminator to have a baby with the sex of your choice. However, this must be achieved before the birth of the child.

You may only use this ONCE per generation. This means that, if one partner achieves his or her LTW and the other partner achieves it thereafter, the second LTW does not count.

If, however, the same sim achieves TWO lifetime wants, then you may use the InSiminator again. The same rules apply the second time.

Alternatively, the LTW may allow you to consider one the offspring an illegitimate child, and disregard him or her from the family altogether. You may get rid of this Sim and not count him/her in the family tree. However, you may not use this in combination with the InSiminator.


Multiply the number of generations it took you to achieve the right combination (founder = generation 1) by the coefficient of difficulty associated with each family. The harder it is to get a specific combination, the lower the coefficient will be.

Thomas: 2
Spier: 9
Kishi: 3
McGill: 10
Schafer: 4
Stevenson: 5
Ramsey: 7
Bruno: 8
Kilbourne: 6

Thus, if you manage to freeze the Kilbourne in 5 generations, then you will earn 30 points (5 generations x coefficient of 6)


Thomas Bonus: -25 points
Spier Bonus: -2 points
Kishi Bonus: -10 points
Mimi Bonus: -1 point
Ramsey Bonus: -1 point
Pike Bonus: -35 points
McGill Bonus: -5 points
Claudia has sold a masterpiece: -2 points
Logan has maxed body points: -5 points
Mallory has maxed creativity points: -5 points
Kristy has maxed charisma points: -5 points
Mary Anne has maxed full cleaning points: -5 points
Shannon has maxed logic points: -5 points
Dawn has maxed cooking points: -5 points
Jessi has maxed mechanical points: -5 points
Stacey has made out with 10 people: -5 points
Abby has 10 best friends: -5 points
Kristy and Mary Anne are best friends: -2 points
Mary Anne and Dawn are best friends: -2 points
Mary Anne and Logan are in love: -3 points
Claudia and Stacey are best friends: -2 points
Mallory and Jessi are best friends: -2 points
The ten members are teenagers: -5 points
Platinum grave: -1 point each
Gold talent badge (if OFB): -1 point each
Sim has college diploma (if University): -1 point each
Each promotion: -1 point
Top of career: -3 points
Vacations day per household when family is frozen:
1-5: -1 point
6-10: -2 points
11+: -3 points


Each accidental death (i.e., not old age): +1 point
Each repo man: +2 points
Demotion: +1 points
Being fired: +2 points
Getting caught cheating: +2 points (except when needed to break a marriage)
Kicked out of college: +2 points
Loss of a skill point: +1 point
Social services: +2 points
Fire: +1 point
Burglar gets away: +1 point

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