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How to make BSC covers

I hope it's okay for me to post it here.

You will need:

- The Sims 2
- A graphic editing program in which there is the layer option (MS Paint will not work [obviously]).

You may also use:

- GunMod's Camera Hack, which allows for better zooming options and more angles.
- Fraps or any other screenshot program. They have more options that the in-game camera and they also save picture at a 100% resolution, instead of 75%, like the game does.

(For more information on how to take good pictures, see HystericalParoxysm's tutorial.)

Making a BSC Cover:

- Take your picture in-game. Actually, take a lot, and then make a selection among the best ones.

- Open up your graphics editing program and load your favorite picture. This will be your first document (doc 1).

- Go to Dibbly Fresh and save the cover you need. Make sure to save the larger version (unless you want a tiny cover. But even then, you might as well save the larger one and shrink it when you're done.)

- Load the cover as your second document on your Photoshop or whatever it is you're using (I did mine with Paint.net, which is free.)

- With the lasso, select the area with the art in Document 2. Carefully select around the "CLUB" blocks, which you do not want to erase.

- Copy the selected area, then delete it. Save your document. You should have the cover, with a hole in the middle where the BSC picture is.

- Paste your selection in a new document (document 3).

- In document 3, look for something that sounds like "drawing zone dimensions" or re-size drawing zone. In other words, you're looking for the size (width and height) of your document. Don't change them, just remember them.

- Close document 3 (unless you don't trust your memory with the numbers.) Go back to document 1. You now need to make your picture fit in the frame. This means that it should be the exact same size as the art that was deleted. Most likely, you will need to cut on the sides to make it squarish (which is what happened to Pete Black in mine.) In order to do that, you may have to do a few tries, alternating between cutting and resizing. My picture was something like 1072x800 pixels and the BSC picture is 489x491 (or something like that.) You have to play around. Everytime you cut, you have to select the picture area and then crop. Otherwise, you will re-size the whole document (including what was cut), not just your picture.

- When your document is the right size, go the Layers tool and make it your background layer. I don't think it matters which texture you give it.

- Go to the Layers tool again, but this time, import a layer. This is your document 2, which you should have saved. Go to Layer properties and in blend mode, select overlay. The background picture (i.e., your document 1) should now take the space that was blank on your document 2.

- Save and re-size if needed. Et voilà!

P-S: I will try this again later to make sure my tutorial is making sense.


December 2008

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