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Mary Anne Misses Logan

So I guess this is challenge #3... or maybe #4, I don't know. Maybe a bit of both.

I always thought the cover for Mary Anne Misses Logan was completely random and thrown in at the last minute because Hodges was uninspired.

Shame on him, I bring him a much more accurate cover.

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A couple of things:

*I seem to be on a Mary Anne/Logan kick. They are not my favorite characters, but Mary Anne's Makeover is my favorite book, hence why I did the other attempt at recreating the cover. This one is inspiration bestowed upon me.

*The hands you can see in the bottom right corner are Pete Black's. Poor Pete got cut in editing.

*The blurriness is an attempt at recreating the sort of painting blur you get in the real covers.

*This is my first try in actually editing my picture after I've taken it. It's also my first picture with the camera hack, and my first with a screencapping program.

*Thanks to chicken_queen and her wonderful website, without whom I wouldn't have gotten such a great frame for my cover.

*That's all.


I've always wondered about why Mary Anne Misses Logan's cover is the way it is. Like, it seems like Hodges had better things to worry about that month, so he picked a random painting he had done for a calendar or something.

I love this, I love how you actually made it a cover (that's brilliant!) and it's actually fitting to the story.

This is way better than anything I could come up with. Would you care to offer a tutorial on how you did it?
This is AMAZING!!

December 2008

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